World Cup ’18 Fever is Already on: Support England in Style This Time

The world cup’18 has already kicked off in Russia. There is a lot of excitement among people, as this time some major biggies like European giants Netherlands and Italy are not the part of the world’18. People are taking this as a positive thing as the probability for lifting the prestigious trophy and bringing it to their home country has been increased for many countries because of it. England is one of the favorites which have really good chances to win this year. 1996 was the year when England won this prestigious trophy last. Since then there has been a long wait of almost 5 decades to bring the trophy home.

Like every year this year as well England has one of the best squad of players mainly because of the rich domestic football culture. England is currently enjoying their long unbeaten runs. Still, England has been the underdogs most of the time blowing themselves out in the knockout stages. But this time things are really different. And this young English squad has shown a glimpse of hope that they will reach to the finals as they have very good potential to do so. England has such a young and consistent captain Harry Kane. Their coach Gareth SouthGate, who was also a former player, is putting all the efforts to make them win. He is making all his team members unite and play together as a team.

This year there are chances that England could change the fortunes from the underdogs to the favorites. The world cup has never been an easy walk. This young squad is putting all the effort and has developed a good potential to reach to the finals in world cup’18. England has one of the best strikers in the world, Harry Kane. Along with him in their team, they also have other young talents which are extremely good at goals like Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling, Dele Alli. They have Jesse Lingard who has an eye for the goal with his speed and vision. The present England team is flooding with such young talented players who are working really hard to bring the cup back home and bring glory to the nations. Dele Alli and Henderson in the midfield is making tough for the opponents to play a pressing game. Last game won by England was by 6-1 which is the largest margin of victory ever in the World Cup.

Now it’s our job to support our team and boost their confidence. Be it a sunny bright day or even in a storm we should stand by our team to support them. Let’s show our love and support for them with Large England Flag. Now it is the time that we should cheer up our team and motivate them to play even better and win the trophy for our nation and for this flags can be the best option. These Flags can be used at home, car, courtyard. You can even carry them to the stadium and wave it to show your trust and support for the team. Let’s support our team and motivate them to get back home with the cup in hand this time.

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