Why India is a hot spot for Medical procedures?

Dentist very carefully check up and repair tooth of his young female patient

Health and infrastructure has become the cynosure of Indian government. This is why in the year 2015 India became the top destination for foreign nationals seeking medical treatment. Russians sought for Indian doctors and hospitals the entire year and Africa and the Middle East, particularly the Persian Gulf countries followed suite.

This was the time when major cities in the country Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and the National Capital Region received the highest number of foreign patient. Despite the plunge in many industries Indian medical sector has stood the test of times witnessing a massive growth in the flow of patients across the world. Healthcare tourism in india, has been flourishing with every passing day.

This is why India is the home for health-capitals that has increased the pace of growth economically and technologically and advancing in every way.

Booming Market:

Indeed medical tourism in India is growing at an increasing pace and the growth in the sector of medical tourism in India comes as no surprise. The answer to this is the straightforward factors contributing towards Increasing Medical Tourism in India

  • Decade long growth
  • $ 4 billion industry
  • 1.27 million tourists from neighbouring countries
  • Top destination for foreign nationals

All of these above contribute to the value of the medical tourism. Hence with Healthcare tourism in india, encountering solid growth for more than a decade a host of hospitals and doctors are available at fairly low prices.

Dominated Market:

Probably no other industry in India is as popular as medicine and related field in India. The pharmacy has been evidently supporting the cause as its presence felt firmly in the medical tourism sector that was initially dominated by developed countries like the US and Singapore. Unlike these countries even they come in affordable prices.

Therefore with feet firmly on the ground Indian Medical tourism in India is dominating popular medical treatments in the area of Cardiology, Neurology, and Orthopedics offered by big wigs of other countries. The advantage of major cities in India that are well connected by air and other modes of transportation also help proactively in increasing facilities and improved access. Growth of insurance market and improvement in health care also is an added advantage.

Promotional Campaign:

The government of India and its promotional campaigns across the world has been hosting wellness shows continuously. This reportedly has led to medical tourism by organizing the promotional campaigns contributing up to 50% of the revenue. The value of medical tourism is expected to touch USD 9 billion by 2020 according to a forecast. The internationally accredited medical facilities using the latest technologies can go much further and yet offer significant cost savings. This is on par with domestic private healthcare. However even they are shifting to tailor-made services to survive in the competition.

Therefore, patients who seek a better, cheaper and specialized treatment choose the land of medical tourism that offers superlative healthcare infrastructure. Moreover the excellent medical care institutions have set a benchmark and don’t back down in shaping the Indian economy in a long run.

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