What to consider when hiring a Truck Accident Attorney

Getting involved in a truck accident can be pretty disruptive and costly if you end up rooting medical bills by yourself or having your income cut due to days are taken off work. One of the things that may come to mind if you are in this kind of situation is to seek legal justice and have the expenses transferred to the appropriate people. This is a crucial decision to make, but it is how you execute it that determines if you’re going to get any justice ultimately.

Among the things you have to get right is your choice of an Austin truck accident lawyer to represent you in court. Hiring a truck accident lawyer is no different from choosing any other professional. You will need someone who has the expertise to help you achieve your objective of getting compensated.

These four tips may be helpful as you strive to narrow your vast list of options down to just one lawyer that you will feel comfortable working with.

Use credentials as the first filter

Before settling for a truck accident lawyer, check out their academic qualification and experience. Insurance companies know very well that most victims of accidents don’t know the first thing about their rights.

Getting a lawyer that can be easily outsmarted by the insurance company’s legal team will lead to low settlement offers or even no compensation at all. Experienced lawyers not only know your rights as the victim of a truck accident but are also good in building a strong case when trying to reach a compromise with the insurance companies and in court.

Check lawyer fees

Lawyers can be expensive to hire, but you don’t always have to pay the fees straight from your pocket. Most Austin lawyers handle cases on Contingency Basis, which means they only get paid if you get awarded money. The fees in a contingency basis agreement can be somewhat higher (usually 33%-40% of the award), but it ensures you can still get the best lawyer even if you have no money at all. More to the point, your lawyer will have to strive to win you a financial award as that is the only way they will get paid themselves.

Check out online reviews of individual lawyers

Several consumer review websites are dedicated to rating truck accident lawyers in Austin. Find a lawyer with the best combination of most reviews, mostly positive reviews, and highest star rating.

Check for advanced trial techniques

In cases where you are unable to reach an agreement with the insurance company, and a trial by jury becomes unavoidable, a lawyer’s ability to use advanced trial techniques gets called into play. Examples of such techniques include audio depositions, video clips, scaled models and animations. If your attorney fancies using these techniques, your chances of winning the case go up almost automatically.

These four tips can help you find a lawyer who will give you the edge in the negotiation table with the insurers. Use them to condense your list and seek referrals from friends and family to get the right attorney for your truck accident claim.

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