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The printer is also an important device these days. There are many clients who need to get the printouts of various documents for future references. However, being a machine there can be problems with the printer also. A printer is though not much complicated device and hence there are many areas where the user can try to find the solution himself. There are a few steps that one must take at the point of any trouble with printer but if still it does not get repaired one must contact an expert.

In case of windows 10 also there are some printer problems. Here are some solutions that can help to resolve the printer problems with windows 10.

  • Check the printer setting from control panel: In the windows 10 the problems are of such nature which can be resolved with the help of troubleshooting only. One can go to control panel and see the settings of the printer. One needs to check if the right printer is selected. One also needs to check that from the settings the printer is not disabled. In the settings there are various options provided and one needs to go through them carefully.
  • If the printer is installed or not: With every printer there is always a CD provided by the company which has drivers. One needs to install these drivers before starting the printer. Hence if the printer drivers are not installed it may not being connected. One needs to check if the drivers are installed and if they are working properly. In case of doubt one can uninstall them and reinstall so that they can work properly and printer can be connected.
  • Ask the system to find old printer: In case one wants to connect an old printer, there may be problems of drivers and in that case there is an option where one can notify the system that my printer is old and I want to connect it. Hence the system will detect the old printer and connect it. The option is also provided in the manual.
  • Try Windows 8 drivers: There are many printer makers which are not having drivers for Windows 10 and hence in such case one can try to get the drivers of windows 8 and try to connect it.

There can many other issues related to the connectivity problem of printers and hence in case of any technical trouble to ask an expert can prove more helpful. There is also provision of troubleshooting in printer tech support where one can call or mail and ask for support. Some time the customer care can help via phone or email. Some service providers also offer remote controlled service. Else one can contact the local service station and seek the solution for the same. Usually it is driver problem only which can be resolved by installing the drivers and repairing the files. The final option to resolve the issue is to ask an expert and get support on site only.

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