Top Wireless Broadband Internet Service providers in Pakistan

Pakistan got the Internet service first time during 1990. Today, the Information & communications technology is the booming sector in the country. Only 1.3% of the total population used to surf Internet during 2001 which has increased to 18.8% now. This means over 32 Million people use the internet today.

The list of Internet Service Providers in Pakistan is relatively small. There are very fewer names available in the markets that offer the service in all major cities. The lack of infrastructure in remote areas is considered as one of the prime reasons behind this.

Here, let us look at the best 5 Internet Service Providers in Pakistan:

  • Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)

PTCL, a semi-government corporation established in 1949, is Pakistan’s leading provider of telecom and broadband Internet services. They offer entire telecom services from voice calls to data services, internet and even IPTV services to the customers. It also provides the entire range of infrastructure services to other operators and corporate clients throughout the country.

The Pakistan government owns 62% of PTCL share while 26% is owned by Etisalat International Pakistan LLC and the residual 12% is owned by the civilians of the country. PTCL holds the leading position as CDMA operator and as an infrastructure provider in the country.

  • Wateen

The Number 1 Wireless Broadband Service Provider (ranked by PTA) in Pakistan is Wateen telecom which is operating as a sister concern of Warid Telecom. Established in 2005 and operating since 2007, Wateen is offering its services in various cities of Pakistan by positioning the largest fibre optic network in the country.

It operates the largest WiMAX network service in Pakistan apart from providing TV Telephony and high-speed (up to 8mbps) Internet services.

  • WorldCall Telecom Limited

WorldCall, an Oman Telecommunications Company, is one of the major telecom and multimedia service providers in Pakistan. WorldCall was launched in 1996 with payphone operations. They offer quality service in almost all major cities of Pakistan. This Omnatel Company provides both wire-line and wireless facilities along with triple play services i.e. Cable TV, Internet and Telephony.

Their broadband service offers a maximum of 10 Mbps speed and their Plug & Play USB offers a speed up to 3.1 Mbps anywhere in the country.

  • Wi-tribe

Wi-Tribe is the third best internet service provider in Pakistan. Established in 2007, this company was operating under Qatar Telecom till 2016; however, they were acquired by Pakistan based HB Group in March 2016. They offer services in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad.

Wi-Tribe offers uninterrupted Internet connectivity & provides wireless services only. Customers can choose anything between Pre-paid & Post-paid services. Their packages cost somewhat higher than that of PTCL and World Call.

  • Qubee

Qubee, a brand of Augere, provides fast, reliable and competitively priced Internet Services in Pakistan. It was launched in July 2009. Qubee provides both wired and wireless Internet services offering a speed up to 2 Mbps. Their offering also includes a special pocket modem that can be carried to any place. Qubee helpline number for  customer web self-care service is available on their website.

 Their official website provides multiple links under Qubee Helpline tab for queries, Customer Login, info on Loyalty Records etc.

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