The Mystery of the Very First Australian Flag

the national flag of australia

Flag Day in Australia is celebrated every September 3 but what a lot of people do not realise is that the original flag – the one flown for the very first time in 1901 – cannot be found. Somehow, the flag has been lost to the ages but the good news is that there are now organisations and individuals who are trying hard to find the flag so that they can return it to the state where it belongs. Although the flag has changed somewhat since that very first flag was created, mainly because of changing territories, the basic design remains the same and the people who are currently in a quest to find the original flag want it back where it belongs, hopefully soon.

No One Knows What Could’ve Happened

The original Australian flag was flown on September 3, 1901, which was also declared the continent’s first official flag day. It had six-pointed stars on it instead of seven-pointed stars due to the number of territories in existence back then and it took several decades for Australia to have a nationally-recognised “official” flag. However, just as in other countries, the flag is an important part of the unity and patriotism enjoyed by its citizens and there are millions of people who are anxious to find the original flag and send it back to where it belongs.

Groups such as the one led by a man named Allan Pidgeon work vigorously throughout the year to locate the flag and they even have websites that detail the group’s work and how the average person can get more involved in the quest. Whether or not they are successful in the end remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: these groups are not likely to give up anytime soon because they know how important their work is to all Australians.

A Flag Always Symbolises Patriotism

Flying a flag is most citizens’ way of celebrating their patriotism and pride in their country and Australia is certainly no different. Flags represent everything that is unique and great about a country and whether you fly it at your home, your office, or both, it is a nice gesture on the part of any citizen. When a country’s original flag has unknown whereabouts, it is quite naturally a little sad for all its people, which is why today there are a lot of people in Australia who care enough about their country’s flag to jump on the bandwagon of those who are trying to find this flag. Throughout the past several decades, many people have tried to figure out what happened to the flag and they are now counting on other citizens to help them do just that.

No one knows how the missing flag story will end but one thing that everyone knows is how devoted the people are who are trying to find the flag. The Australian flag is unique and special and symbolises something different to each of its citizens. For that and many other reasons, it is easy to understand why so many people are trying to help solve this one-of-a-kind mystery.

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