Remove Ticks from Canine’s Body

Canine’s Body

Having a pet dog is for sure a dream of everyone, and especially when you love to go for different adventures, then having a strong and large pet dog might be really useful for you. Well mostly when you take your pets to the forests or for camping, then from the wild they usually get several pests like ticks or mites attached on their body. And it not just the wild forest, but your dog might become a host for ticks and mites even at your backyard. So it is your duty to remove those pests or keep your dog safe from such bloodsucking pests. The only reason your dog will never know if some tick is attached to his body is that as soon as tick bites your dog’s body they instantly release an anaesthesia, due to which that whole part gets numb.

Ticks and Mites

And your pet will not even feel anything due to that. Then it is really tough to even see if there is some tick biting your dog, due to large hairs. So it is your duty to check for any pests on your dog’s body, as soon as you get back home. Once you have spotted a tick, then next step is to find a way to remove it from your pet’s body. Well, there are several ways to remove those pests from your dog. First of all, there is common salt that you have in your kitchen, and all you need to do is to mix it in water, and then spray it onto your dog before you go out. The best thing about this spray would be that it will instantly dry out, and form a protective layer on your dog.

Salt and Apple Vinegar

As a result, no pest would bite your dog, even if they try hard for that. Then many people would not even like to have ticks in their house in the first place instead of spraying their dogs in salt. Well, there is also a solution for that as well. All you need to do is to mix up baking soda, water, some salt, and most importantly Apple vinegar. And then pour this mixture in a sprayer. Then simply go to your backyard, and spray it everywhere around, and due to its strong smell, most of the ticks will simply run away. And if you want more protection for your dog, then just add some lavender oil in the mixture, and then spray it on the dog.


Due to lavender oil, a strong and long-lasting layer will be formed on your dog’s skin. Now many people want to know that How to Remove a Tick from a Dog with Tweezers? And no doubt many of the dog owners have already tried this out. Most dog owners simply hold ticks with tweezers and pull them out, and that is not the right way of removing ticks with tweezers. First of all, you have to hold the ticks, and then just turn them, as it will lose their grip of bite from your dog, and then pull it away.

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