Protecting Your Legal Rights During Divorce


Legal rights during divorce differ from state to state. It is therefore advisable to do a research on your state divorce laws. Everyone has the right not to be harassed or abused in any way whatsoever. There are several laws that protect either spouse from being intimidated during divorce. When filing for divorce, either parent should never

  • Conceal or destroy property owned by either or both of the spouses without full consent on the other parent
  • Move kids outside court jurisdiction;
  • restrict the other spouse from seeing the kids;
  • Become violent or harass your spouse
  • Disregard temporary court orders

Documents required by your divorce attorney

Before filing for a divorce, your divorce attorney will need some documents. These documents will help facilitate the divorce process while your attorney ensures you get what you rightly deserve. Some of the documents required include income tax returns, marital debts, automobile, property valuations and much more. Once these documents are provided, your divorce attorney will do all it takes to ensure the negotiation process runs smoothly. Make sure you provide a well-documented file with all your attorney requires. Moreover, if you are in court, you’ll also gain much support from the court depending on how organized and complete when it comes to filing your document. In order to make this process easier and simple for your divorce attorney, arrange the documents in categories.

How to minimize the fees of a divorce attorney

One of the major problems most people face when filing for divorce is the attorney fees. Most divorce attorney charge by the hour. If you are looking to minimize the fees charged by divorce attorney, here are some few helpful tips to follow.

  • Obtain a written fee agreement with detailed information about the exact amount to be paid.
  • Try to come in terms with your spouse by attempting a DIY settlement approach
  • Most cheap attorneys are incompetent and highly inexperienced, so try as much as possible to stay away from them
  • Don’t mistake your divorce attorney for a therapist as you pay more each time you call your attorney for emotional advice.

Choosing the right divorce attorney

Most people faced with divorce are faced with challenges of knowing where to turn when it comes to choosing the right divorce attorney. If you don’t know the factors to consider before choosing a divorce attorney, how do you know you are investing all your hard earned cash and hopes in the right one? In order not to waste money and valuable time, there are some things to know when it comes to finding the right one.


Any divorce attorney you are considering to hire should be highly experienced when it comes to handling divorce specific to your case. An experienced divorce attorney is expected to know the court rulings about divorce in your jurisdiction and as such, he or she should be able use this to your added advantage.


Another way of knowing you have chosen the right attorney is by finding out clients testimonial. Contact clients whom the attorney has once worked with and ask about their experience with the divorce attorney.

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