The recovery time from knee surgery depends on the individual case and type of surgery. In any case, it is vital to follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon and the medical team that includes your physiotherapist. You must also be ready with finances to meet knee replacement surgery cost India.


 You will be admitted to the surgical ward. Here you will be provided a switch which enables one to administer painkillers by self. You may be also given oxygen through tubes or mask. In some cases, you may be given a blood transfusion.

You will have large dressing on your knee for protecting your wound. Blood from the incision spots may be siphoned away using drains, so it does not collect inside the wound. Dressings may be changed regularly.

Wound may be closed after surgery using surgical stitches which may disappear within 3 weeks, if they are dissolvable. If not, they will be removed by your surgeon. Doctor will recommend that you wash your wound with warm water and mild soap.

The doctor will bandage your knee and may even give you a cryo or cuff to wear. This is bandage that is waterproof which holds ice water to help lessen your swelling. You may also be given medication to control pain.

You may experience redness, swelling and bruising in front of ankle and shin. The cause is the fluid inside the knee joint.  But these symptoms will disappear within a few weeks.


Your Physiotherapist and medical team may advise you a structured rehab program. To recover fully from the surgery, it is vital you follow this program strictly.

The team will provide you a list of exercise you can start even in the hospital and resume at home. These exercises may involve motions to raise, straighten and bend your legs. Clear any doubts about the exercise, early enough.

You may also be given crutches to aid your moving about. You may be asked to use them for two weeks, but remember to put only that amount of weight on it as you are comfortable with.

WEEKS 1-2:

You need to consume pain killers for stiffness and pain in your knees. Your medical team will advise you on pain management. Your cuff/ cryo will be recommended to control swelling. You can even use a pack of frozen peas for this.


Your pain will have subsided and you will be advised a stricter regime of exercise. You may also become able to walk without crutches. Also low knee strain activities like cycling and swimming may be permitted.

WEEKS 6-24

Within this period, most of you can return to normal routine of activity. You will be pushed to do activities like swimming and cycling but may be advised to avoid turning, jumping or twisting your leg.


You can return to all kinds of sport. Whether you can return to work depends on the nature of your job. If your works is mostly sedentary, you can resume work within 2 to 3 weeks. But for manual labor, it may take over 3 months to return to work.

Whether you can start driving depends on an assessment made by your doctor. This may typically take 3 to 4 weeks, particularly when you can put weight on your feet.

Thus you can hope for better condition of your knees to make maximum use of cost of knee surgery in India that you have incurred.

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