Positive & Negative Clenbuterol Hydrochloride (HCL) Effects

Clenbuterol or clenbuterol hydrochloride is mainly used in the treatment of chronic asthma and other breathing disorders. It is usually referred to as Clen HCL. This is very similar to Ephedrine but clen HCL is more effective and potent not only as bronchodilator but as a fat burner too.

Today along with its popularity as a bronchodilator in treating breathing disorders, Clen HCL is gaining popularity as a fat burner. Its market as a fat burner is increased significantly in recent years. So majority of the users are using this as a fat burner than as a bronchodilator.

Clenbuterol HCL:

It helps in stimulating Beta-2 receptors. This results in enhanced metabolic activity in the body. So, enhanced cellular heat helps in increasing body temperature. This is the result of cell’s Mitochondria. That is why when Clen HCL is consumed there will be more and more fat burning in the body because it indirectly increases metabolic activity. Clen will create an environment for enhanced fat burning in the body.

Even though clen is believed as a great appetite suppressant, it may not be the case for all. All the users may not experience this benefit. It varies from individuals. But one is sure that is Clen will definitely enhance the body temperature. This is achieved by increasing the metabolism.  Read product specific information for Clen here. What are you waiting for?


Improvement in cardiovascular efficiency is the obvious benefit after using Clen. One more guaranteed benefit is enhanced metabolic activity. That is the reason by using Clen there will be enhanced lipolysis. This is nothing but fat loss. Clen has the ability to create a situation where there will be increased calorie burning throughout the day.  

Because of all these there will be enhanced athletic performance, improved energy levels, and more and more weight loss. There are other benefits as well by the usage of Clen. That is the reason Clen has become the top class bodybuilding supplement.

Side Effects:

Along with its benefits Clen may also carry few side effects as well. But every user need not experience negative effects of Clen. Few people may not even face common and mild side effects of Clen. With responsible use one can easily avoid the side effects.

Insomnia and jittery feelings are the two common side effects caused by Clen since it comes with stimulant effects. But the severity of the side effect depends on the dosage used. Some users may also experience cramping as well but this is rare. These unwanted effects can be ruled out through enough liquid intake.

Cardiac hypertrophy is the most severe and alarming side effect that could be caused by Clen. But even this can be avoided through proper usage of Clen. Clen should not be used for longer period. So, limited period of use and proper dosage as per instructions can avoid lot of side effects. In case id an user takes clen for longer or uses high doses then it can be very dangerous.

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