Perks Of Joining Army By Capt. Martin Lloyd Sanders

Joining Army is a dream to many people in the planet and it is a matter of self-pride in representing your country, where literally lives are on line, every day in and day out. Of course, joining an army is not at all a child’s play by any means, and the requirement to keep a good shape of both physical and emotional balance is mandatory. Thus, the compensation of being so steady and suave is a great deal, any person would love to have in his lifetime. Capt. Martin Lloyd Sanders, an Officer in USPHS for Public Health Service, explains in details,

Army – A Total Disciplinarian Institution with Straightforward Authority

Army is one field, where a person would find diversity like no other. People come from different provinces and states will work as a united unit and work for a single mission in protecting and eliminating enemies from all the possible directions. With stakes as high as that of the army, here are some of the plus points and benefits of joining the army are,

  • Job Training and Higher Education: Army is perhaps one of those government aided places, which gives on job training, along with training discipline like no other. Even the laziest of persons will receive chin music, if at he/ she shows any sign of lethargy. This is a great learning curve, and the habits a person develops in the army, stays with him/ her forever in their lifetime. What is even more, army experience counts and a person can try different career options, aside defending the pride of the country.
  • Complete Health Care: Army officers are subjected to have a foolproof health and medical backup, once they sign for the battalion. The respective governments will give these treatments and the officers will get their share of medical aid, every time they indulge in some serious combat or situations. Army officials are a complete part of the US government and the health care of each of the army officials are taken care very seriously.
  • Extra Activities: Army officers have almost minimal time for recreations. Thus, depending on the battalion, the respective army camps will allow the members with some of the popular games and other activities, which will allow the army members to get a breather from a tedious daily schedule. Thus, this activity plays a vital role in keeping their minds refreshed.
  • Family Support Coverage: The entire family of the army officer receives support and educational backups as funded by the government. Right from the benefits received by the officer to the emulations, all these will be passed to the young children of the officers in charge.
  • Pension Support: After serving the country for life, these officers are entitled to receive pension amounts for their entire lifetime.

Joining Army is a great way for a person to re-question himself or herself on where they are looking forward. Martin Lloyd Sanders feels that army is a tough institution with some of the toughest personals, who have kept their lives, as a last option and the compensation for life are these minor advantages.

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