Pastor Chris Facilitates International Pastors and Partners’ Conference IPPC 2017

Pastor Oyakhilome has been serving at Christ Embassy for decades. The man of God will soon host an event dubbed ‘The International Pastors and Partner’s Conference’, an event that will last one week. This event is annually held in Nigeria and is a royal dedication that hosts the world’s best influencers in addition to financial partners. The teams will meet with Chris and prominent gospel artists who are well known internationally.

Background of event

Usually, the event is a huge meeting held in a conference of shareholders by the establishers of Loverworld. Chris Oyakhilome hosts this event by facilitating special teaching through preaching and mentoring attendees. Attendees also get the chance to feel appreciated and recognized for numerous efforts in ministering the word of God.

Leadership facilitation through sessions

The conference is set to serve as a leadership guide for leader in ministry. Aside from leaders, other attendees will benefit from the prosperous knowledge that Chris will share. For Chris and the people who will attend this event, it is an event dubbed inspiration, flourishing, celebration and preparation for God’s kingdom. Chris is set to facilitate all learning processes through his ministry. All pastors from Christ Embassy will attend the conference with most of them sharing ideas on how to grow spiritually.

Knowledge of spirituality

To better the event and share more knowledge on spiritual matters, all leaders will convene with the purpose of sharing notes. The major reason for meeting is ensuring that even those who do not attend this event get to per take in the knowledge. The conference is dated between 13th and 19th November, 2017. Pastor Chris has never disappointed his people. He shall deliver excellent sermons on this event. It is expected to be a rejuvenating session coupled with celebration. The conference will make constructive initiatives towards educating masses on the benefits of spiritual enlightenment.

The event offers spirituality lessons

For those who will not make it to the event, Pastor Chris has always had Loveworld Convocation Arena, located in Lagos, Nigeria. Most people can view the event from different centres across the world. Chris Oyakhilome also has the healing school as an event that works towards spreading God’s word. The healinginstituion offers spiritual lessons coupled with divine mandate. It is a project facilitated by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and other partners of Christ Embassy.

Healing institution offers insight on Christianity

The Healing School offers universal ministry focused on circulating God’s word. Through a network of partners, the program offers educative sessions on how to be a responsible Christian. Many have joined the program with the hope of being responsible Christians.

The contribution of Chris to mental, emotional and physical health

Rhapsody of realities is a book project by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The book has been translated to understandable languages. It is a pathway to uplifting Christians. Rhapsody of realities offers daily lessons on Christianity. It allows an individual to grow spiritually. It is also useful in teaching people how to handle situations when there is pressure. Aside from that, the book offers physical guidance on healthy living.


Chris is trusted to aid in spiritual matters. He has been on a mission to help masses in walking on the path of God. Chris serves as a pastor and mentor to many. He holds several positions in the society. Chris also hosts shows in the spirit of sharing knowledge on spirituality.

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