Cartoons have really evolved a lot over the years. Vintage cartoons like Looney Tunes, Tom n’ Jerry, the Jungle Book, the Jetsons, Johnny Bravo were really in vogue during the 90s. People in all age groups sat with their kids and used to enjoy them. Owing to the rising popularity of these cartoons also came another factor to prosper, making money. Companies used to make merchandises of these favorite characters which would include t-shirts, school bags, water bottles, masks, glow lights and so on. Cartoons are a market which sells like hot cakes and it’s definitely become a great industry as they also made their presence felt in the theatres.


At the onset of 2015, Disney announced a new TV show called the PJ masks and rarely people gave it a second thought as to what this would turn out to be. But they turned out to be a success beyond the wildest dreams of its producers since it was appreciated by the kids and their parents as well. The story revolves 3 kids who become superheroes, and fight the injustice, braving perilous odds and also learning valuable lessons in the process. It features a story of courage and determination, something which seems to be missing in today’s cartoon characters. The show’s creator Romuald Racioppo has hit a golden jackpot with this delivering the message home for the viewers.


With great popularity also come great merchandise which kids love and the show owners were definitely able to tap into the money making potential here. The online marketplaces started selling actual PJ masks just as in the original series. The kids in the series Connor, Amaya and Greg transform into Catboy, Owlette and Gekko in the dead of night to solve mysteries. Employing those concepts, The Works Stores have come up with the PJ Glow in the Dark masks for your kids to roam around the house in superhero attires.

The creators have taken special care while making these masks as these would be handled by kids aged 3 and above. They have avoided using any kind of synthetic chemicals and employed the use of organic chemical so that is favorable to the skin. Plus kids can use these masks in parties as they are glow in the dark and they are definitely suited for that. These masks were again appreciated widely by parents over the choice of merchandise and also have lauded the program widely.


It is definitely a great show to watch with your kids if you are an adult since it teaches you things which today’s generation sorely needs. Connor, Amaya and Greg do save the world, but they also teach you to be responsible and the message it gives is to help those around you, however dire the situation may be. A small help goes a long way and it’s a message worth spreading. It’s a well thought out effort and it is worth appreciating, the creators of this show should be lauded for this.

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