Manali Tourism: Exploring the Lesser-Known Destinations in Manali

Nestled at one end of the Kullu Valley at a height of 6260 feet, Manali has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Surrounded, the town has a multitude of options for its visitors. However, the picturesque hill station has some hidden attractions that the Manali tour packages do not offer. Here are some of the less-explored places in Manali—


Located in Parvati Valley to the northeast of Kullu Valley, Malana is an ancient village in the picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh. Situated at a height of 8,701 feet, Malana is located on a remote plateau by the side of the Malana River. Due to its people, their social structure and lifestyle, the village of Malana have been a subject of various documentaries. The village is famous for Malana Cream, a strain of Cannabis Hashish, which is one of the most expensive hashish in Amsterdam.


Located at a height of 2047 meters, Naggar is an ancient town in Kullu District. Situated on the left bank of Beas River, the place is known for its rich architectural style and cultural heritage. From magnificent mountains, spectacular waterfalls, to snow-capped ranges, Naggar is probably the most beautiful village in the valley. Naggar Fort is one of the most famous attractions here. The castle boasts Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery, which houses a number of rare artworks. Other tourist places include Tripura Sundri Temple, Jagatipatt Temple, and Gauri Shankar Temple. You can also indulge in some adventurous activities such as trekking and camping in this area.

Manali Sanctuary

Located 2 km from Manali, the sanctuary has a path from Manali Log Huts to Dhungri Temple passing through the dense Maple, Deodar, Walnut, Horse Chestnut, and Kail forests. Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Monal, Leopard, Snow Leopard are some of the most common animal species in the sanctuary. If you are a photography enthusiast or big fan of Wildlife, then try looking for those Manali tour packages that let you visit Manali Sanctuary.

Gayatri Temple

Located at a distance of 7 km from Manali, Gayatri Temple is in the Jagatsukh region. Situated on the left side of the holy Beas River, Goddess Gayatri is the main deity of this ancient temple. Built by Sri Chidambara Dixith, the temple also has other deities of the Hindu community. With an impressive intricate woodwork, the temple gives a glimpse of the ancient architectural style. There are a few other temples around the area including Shikara style Shiva Temple, Kali Mandir, Jagatipatt Temple, and Devta Than Temple.


Apart from being used as a getaway to the towns of Kullu, Manali, Manikaran, and Kasol with an airport located in Bhuntar, you can also have a calm and idle break from the populated hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by the lush greenery, the town has a few temples including Jagannath Temple, Basheshwar Temple, and Bijali Mahadev Temple with an impressive architecture and religious significance. For those who seek adventure, you can also go for white-water river rafting in the Beas River.

So, the next time you plan a trip to Manali, try visiting one of these places to make your trip memorable.

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