Keep Your Brass Instruments in Good Shape with Regular care

If you want your brass instrument to sound its best, you should practice regular care of the instrument. Doing so will keep the musical accessory in playable condition and reduce the need for repair. Before using the instrument, check the following:

  • Check the slides and valves
  • Make sure the valve caps on the top and bottom easily move
  • Make sure the mouthpiece is clean

Maintaining Your Brass Instrument After It Has Been Played

After you play an instrument or before you put your brass instrument away, you need to perform the following maintenance tasks:

  • Drain the saliva and water through the water keys
  • Remove slides without water keys to ensure the removal of fluid
  • Replace the slides when they are drained
  • Pull the slides slightly out
  • Loosen the valve caps on the top and bottom to prevent any moisture residue from corroding the instrument.

Obtaining Further Support and Direction

You can learn more about instrument care by referring to a business that features musical instruments and sheet music in Sherborne. By taking this approach, you will ensure that you always have a resource to whom you can turn.

When polishing a silver-plated or lacquered instrument, you need to take extra care. This means you cannot use abrasives to clean the instrument. Instead, you only want to use soft cloths. If you are cleaning a trombone, add warm soapy water, moving the slide up and down a few times. Follow this up by removing the water and giving the instrument a cold-water rinse.

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