Is there a thing as a SAFE Steroid?

When you think of bodybuilding, steroid use immediately comes into mind. It has become synonymous with big men and muscular physiques. Steroid popularity began ever since Soviet wrestlers used them to decimate their opponents after World War II. It was this that boosted the popularity of steroids among athletes. From there on, its muscle building effects became apparent and thus started it’s becoming known as the foremost drug for use with building mass and becoming huge. Perhaps the biggest tool to propagate steroid use would be the internet itself, becoming online made the reach truly became global. Massive ad campaigns scream Buy Steroids online USA! Social media and other platforms made people Buy Steroid Cycle online until stocks were sold out. Oh well, back to the question, is there any safe way to do steroids?

     When preparing to do something major, such as the use of performance enhancing drugs, arming yourself with knowledge firsthand is one of the first steps that you can do. Identify your goal, and by doing this you also identify what kind of steroid you will need to use. Ist it for building mass? or burning fat? Multiple sources cannot stress this enough, education is key for relatively safe use of steroids. Can you see why I used the word “relative”? I say that because no steroid is in reality side-effect free and still be effective. However, NO drug ever is. That is all there is to it no drug is ever safe when abused or incorrectly administered, ALL of them can and has the potential to damage your Kidneys and liver.

    Have you ever heard of a thing called the Therapeutic Index? All drugs have this and what this is is the threshold between being effective with the most minimal of side effects and being ineffective because of low dosage. Steroids have a very wide range of Therapeutic Index and you may have to do some trial and error before finding out the index that is right for you.

    Another very important thing to do before any cycle is to have your blood checked. What this will allow you is to have a baseline and to check major health markers and your testosterone level. This is very important and will come into play when you do your PCT or Post Cycle Therapy. This is done two weeks after your last shot of the steroid use cycle. Not only will you do blood testing before and after but also at regular intervals during the cycle. It would show elevation on your markers but so long as it levels out you are safe.

   On a parting note, do not use oral versions of steroid, in any case, use injectables, they are safer. Also read about steroid injection protocols for the ultimate instruction on how to do it. Again, knowledge is the number one weapon you have to avoid the nastiest of steroid use side effects.

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