How to stop using heroin

Drug syringe and cooked heroin on spoon

All the people who have suffered in the flesh the wasteful consumption of heroin know their consequences, but today we will be talking about the internal problems that patients who come to our houses of rehabilitation are suffering because of so many years of abuse to consume such substances in combination with other volatile substances and toxic substances. One of the consequences that may experience is the dependency to this drug, a dependent person is more difficult to treat than a person who simply is addicted to any other substance or habits.

The dependents are people who in addition to being addicted, their lives depend on the consumption of that substance and is in the hands of the professional medical team of our rehabilitation trying to cure this codependency and that addiction with which many patients in our center. The work is hard, it is difficult, but best of all, it is not impossible, because we don’t give up on any patient for more serious addiction you have. The psychological and psychiatric work that makes each one of the patients with codependency to heroin is one of the heavier than there are in the rehabilitation process.

Another of the serious consequences that heroin can leave people who consume it are what they are:

  1. Deadly infections, such as HIV/AIDS, degenerative diseases, hepatitis, severe skin infections, especially in people who do not know they suffer from high levels of sugar and begin to be made in the skin with this type of needles that have been used many times the number of people in the skin.
  2. May also occur with collapsed veins, which are vital to the time of wanting to perform an emergency medical intervention, and when these patients come to medical units of intensive care, doctors are with the case that they don’t find a vein in his body with which to work and have to choose to seek a safe area, as is the head which miraculously is the site where consumers of heroin have not defiled looking for where to inject.

There are many things that suffer patients with problems of addiction to heroin, but for good luck to them and our Discoveryhouses Rehabilitation Center We’re here to save their lives.

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