How To Avoid Collection Calls For The Debt You Don’t Owe

Most of the people face awkward and embarrassing moments in the life. Such moments affect personal life by bringing negativity. While dealing with collection agencies such as Brennan and Clark. Sometimes, the debt collectors of the company contact the customers regarding the debt. It is always advisable for the customers to ask the debt collectors to confirm either a debt or due-payments. The customers can politely ask the company executive to offer a proof regarding the debt, which makes the matter clear.

Avoid negative tricks

Never play negative tactic while dealing with the debt collectors of the collection agency. If you remain negative while handling the debt collector then it will have a negative effect and it can lead to unavoidable circumstances. Most of the people avoid taking the calls from the debt collectors. Even some of the people keep disconnecting the collection calls or change their mobile numbers to avoid any future interaction with call executives regarding debt collection.  But you can deal with collection calls more easily without even changing your mobile numbers.

Most of the customers are not aware of the legal formalities and unnecessarily feel tense. There are better ways to deal with such circumstances and to deal with debt collectors without either disconnecting the phone or changing your mobile or phone numbers.

According to the law, no collection agency can call the customer for the debt, which he or she has not taken. According to the legal procedures, the debt collector has to give the proof of the debt taken by the customer and should confirm it before calling the debt collector. If the debt collector could not produce the proof regarding the debt under your name then he has no authority to call you or to meet you regarding the collection of the debt, which you have not taken.

Rules that dept collectors have to follow

  • The debt collectors have to follow certain rules while making the collection calls and asking for the due payments regarding the debt.
  • The debt collector cannot call beyond the defined call timing. The collector can call from 9 am to 6 pm and should not make calls at any other time.
  • Also, the collector cannot call repeatedly which is a clear violation and subjected to the penalty. Even calls should be made only during a specified time.
  • Always note down the timing of the calls made by a debt collector and keep track of it when called for your inconvenience.
  • The best way to stop debt collector executive from contacting you over the phone is to send him a properly formatted cease and desist document. The cease and desist letter is essential to act against the debt collection executives but not against the collection agency.

Ripoff tactic

There can be a possibility of ripoff, which is the case of overcharge for the services or depts. The ripoff is different from scam or fraud. In legal terms, the ripoff is considered as an illegal financial transaction where the person is overcharged for the services offered. Sometimes the charges applied for the debt taken by the customers can be more than expected. The best think about Brennan and Clark is that the company assures the customers of not indulging in the ripoff tactic at all.

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