How Swiss Ball Exercises Can Help You To Shape Your Body?


It won’t be a wrong thing to say that Swiss balls are one of the most versatile equipment that you find in a gym. This stability ball engages the core muscles and helps to maintain a nice body shape. Call it yoga ball or stability ball, the Swiss balls can be your best friend in order to gain the rhythm after an accident or some sports injury.


When you mix some Swiss ball exercises with a highly effective stimulant, it resolves all your excess weight problems. Hence, here are some of the best Swiss ball exercises for you to follow.

  1. Wall Squat
  2. Many athletes add this exercise in their daily workout sessions, as it is a great warm up routine. You start with standing one or two feet away from the ball. Hold the ball against the wall with the support of your lower back. Start your squats. It will allow the ball to roll up and down. Remember, you need to make a 90-degree angle at your knee while doing the squats. 10 to 15 repetitions of this exercise can strengthen your calves and other leg muscles. Plus, the spine gets soften in the whole process due to the rolling swiss ball.
  1. Hamstring Curl

Lie on the floor with extended arms. Rest your heels and calves on the swiss ball. The next step is to bring the knees toward the pelvis without losing your hips up posture. Make sure that the heels are resting completely on the ball during this process. This exercise shapes your abs and hamstring.

  1. Standing Plank

Planks get more effective with a swiss ball. The idea is to hold the plank posture for at least 30 seconds, with the forearms and elbows rested on the ball.

  1. Back Extension

This involves stretching of the body by maintaining the stomach rest position on the swiss ball. You need to place both of your hands behind your ear and raise the chest as high as you can. Hold the stretched position for 2 or 3 seconds and then come back to the initial position.

  1. V-sit with a swiss ball

This is just like the regular v-sit, but with a swiss ball. You need to lie on the ground with your ankles rested on the swiss ball’s top. Then make a V shape by rolling your torso up. Stay in this position for at least 4 to 5 seconds, then return to the start position. Do this for 10 times.

  1. Knee tucks

First, achieve a pushup position, but with your legs placed on the swiss ball. Keep your arms straight. Now start bending your knees toward the floor. Then return to the same pushup position. Start again after two counts.

Traditional exercises become more intense with a swiss ball. Not only a swiss ball enhances your stability, but also provides equilibrium to the body shape. If followed regularly with the right amount of diet, these exercises bring great results.  


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