Get to Know About The Law of Divorce with Marrison Family Law

The attorneys present at the largest family law firm in Colorado Springs, Marrison Family Law strongly believe that divorce, the legal proceeding that they have expertise in, is one of the most difficult times within the life of an individual. It is a very delicate affair as it has intense effects on the lives and emotions of the people involved in it, which is why they take immense care in dealing with every single client.

Marriage is the first most happy episode in life, and hence it is celebrated such grandly, but a lot of people are unfortunate as this happiness of theirs is short lived. When the responsibilities of the real world start to creep into the beautiful and perfect world of romance that is when the real metal of an individual in handling difficult situations comes to the fore. More often than not, this is where all couples falter, and after this every day becomes one of compromise and growing bitterness.

In order to eradicate such fowl temperaments and live a calm and peaceful life, divorce is largely sought after. Over the years the rate of divorce has increased considerably, now the foundation of commitment has become rather weak. However, having said that, it is never an easy and happy road trip that the couple, who have agreed on a divorce, have to take. The emotional turmoil plays a major role during this time, especially if the couple has children.

There are two options in a divorce case that is available, the limited divorce and the absolute divorce. The limited divorce is that kind which has a separation decree attached to it; which means that though you will still be recognized as a couple, you can no longer live under the same roof. On the other hand, an absolute divorce is one in which a termination is ordered based on misconduct in the marriage.

What type of divorce you are eligible to file, and whether or not you are at all eligible to file a case of divorce, is something you need to know. This is when you should consult veterans of family law, the group of lawyers at Marrison Family Law. They have over 25 years of experience in the field and have very efficiently worked with each client to restore peace and order in their immediate surroundings.

There is also something known as the no fault divorce, which does not require any proof of unfaithfulness on the part of one or both the spouses; but this form of divorce is accepted only in a few select places. At the end of a ‘no fault’ divorce the couple is considered as two separate individuals.

The ‘contested’ divorce is applied for where there is property or children involved in the case. irrespective of what type of divorce you go through, if you have children and are considering to get a divorce, you need to really think about it very seriously, because after all, it will be your children who will have been the most hardly hit by this unfortunate change in life.

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