Explore Underwater Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi

Trying to Explore Underwater Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia can be the best idea for vacation. This place becomes an attractive place to visit because Wakatobi is National Marine Park with the largest number of flora and fauna and coral reef. There are about 850 species of coral reef in the world and 750 of them can be found in Wakatobi. That’s why Wakatobi becomes favorite place to go and becomes perfect place for diving or snorkeling. The water is clean and clear so that you can have clear sight to the world underwater. Wakatobi consists of Islands that are beautiful. There are four main Islands in Wakatobi and becomes the name of “Wakatobi”. The first Island is Wangi-Wangi Island for Wa, then there is Kaledupa Island for Ka, Tomia Island for To, and the last is Binongko Island for Bi. It is unique and interesting just like the place which is interesting to visit and will offer you great vacation.

There are many things you can do when visiting WakatobiIsland. That’s what make this Islands becomes favorite destination for vacation and you must visit and enjoy everything in Wakatobi. What and where?

  1. Diving and Snorkeling in National Marine Park Wakatobi

The first thing in the mind when people come and visit Wakatobi is diving or snorkeling to see the beauty and attraction of underwater world in National Marine Park Wakatobi. In Wakatobi, you can find almost all species of coral reef. There are about 750 species from 850 species of coral reef in the world. You can also find large number of flora and fauna that will be very interesting. You can Explore Underwater Wakatobi dive and snorkeling. The clean and clear water in Wakatobi makes you will be easier to enjoy the life underwater.

  1. Visiting Beaches and Resort in Wakatobi

Besides diving and snorkeling, the other interesting things to do in Wakatobi are visiting beautiful beaches and resorts around Wakatobi. You can visit Wakatobi resort beach and MoliiSahatubeachor visiting AnanonRundumaIslandwill be a great option enjoying the beauty of Wakatobi.

  1. Visiting Unique houses of SukuBajo

What’s the interesting thing of SukuBajo houses? The house of SukuBajo is floating or builds over the sea. You can see the beauty of the sea and walk along the houses over the sea. It is interesting and you should not miss to visit unique house building of


  1. Enjoy the Culture of Wakatobi

In Wakatobi, you can enjoy traditional dance that performed by the people in Wakatobi. There is Eja-eja dance and Mborira dance that will fascinate you when have vacation in Wakatobi.

  1. Try Traditional Food in Wakatobi

When visiting Wakatobi, it is not enough if you don’t taste the traditional food in there. There is Kasuami that made from rasped cassava and then cooked till it dry. It can stay for weeks and taste delicious.

Well, there are many things you can do when visiting Wakatobi. Enjoy the beauty by Explore Underwater Wakatobi Island and get the most interesting vacation in Indonesia.

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