Even More Dangers of Using Anabolic Steroids

Like all prescription drugs, anabolic steroids have a legitimate medical purpose, are used illegally, and come with a myriad of side effects. This is to be expected from the ergogenic use of any kind of drug, whether legal or illegal.

Anabolic steroids treat a number of medical conditions, typically stemming from chronic wasting conditions provoked by cancer and AIDs. Men who have had their testicles surgically removed as a result of testicular cancer take the steroids to replace hormones their bodies can no longer produce. Steroids help them maintain their secondary sexual characteristics. They are also used to combat pituitary malfunction which causes a delay in puberty in adolescent males. People who recover from serious surgery and cancer also use these steroids in addition to exercise and proper diet to rebuild lost muscle tissue.

Like any other prescription drug, if the drug is being consumed for a reason outside its intent, pretty nasty side effects can occur. The most frequently cited effects of anabolic steroids when used for muscle gain and overall performance enhancement are severe acne, gynocomastia (the development of breast tissue in males), aggressiveness/ “roid rage”, liver damage, testicular atrophy, and decreased fertility (levels usually “go back to normal” weeks to months after dropping a steroid regimen). In adolescents, steroids cause stunted growth due to accelerated puberty changes. Teens who have not fully grown may not reach their expected height if they use performance-enhancing drugs. Steroids cause men and women to retain water and salt, creating a bloated appearance that reduces the visibility of the muscles the drugs were used to develop.

Almost 80% of users are non-competitive, non-athlete, white, heterosexual, middle-class males who want to “look good” without strict diet and exercise. Steroids are synthetic variants of the male sex hormone testosterone. Forcing an excess of testosterone in the body causes the body to shut down its own production in order to remain at homeostasis, a state in which the body is in equilibrium.

For decades, the harmful effects of steroids have been known and documented. Despite all these side effects, millions of Americans contribute to the conquest of black market steroids. Steroids do not come cheap, yet users continue to buy from sketchy sources. It is probably not surprising that the majority of what they buy is mislabeled and not at all what they ordered.

Oftentimes, users complain that drugs they purchase unleash unbearable side effects or simply do not work.  In such events, it is highly likely that users simply received and consumed—whether intravenously or orally—an unknown substance. Most of the supply sold in the US illegally comes from overseas in packages that are intentionally mislabeled in order to blend in with the rest of the mail. Inside those packages, vials and pills come in bottles that are also mislabeled to represent doses and ingredients that are not really there.

Researchers at http://www.hospitalroad.com the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry found that 30% of samples obtained in 217 studies conducted by other researchers did not contain any of the drugs listed on their labels. Of samples that did contain anabolic steroids, 44% contained the wrong dosages, either much higher or much lower. The under/ over dosages ranged from having less than 1% of the dosage claimed on the label to having five times as much as what was claimed. Unexpected high doses lead to even stronger severe side effects, both physical and mental. In addition, one in five samples contained toxic heavy metals content, like tin, arsenic, and lead. These metals destroy the nervous system, digestive system, and muscles.

When it comes to buying steroids on the black market, consumers never really know what they’re getting. Even when placing a very specific order online, here http://www.celebrityhealthinsider.com is a high possibility that the supplier cuts corners by delivering the wrong drugs. If you are planning to use steroids, consider a viable alternative regimen of bioidentical hormones. These substances are legally acquired from legitimate physicians who have your best interests at heart.

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