Enjoy Luxury stay in compass skyview hotel in Bangkok

The Compass Skyview Hotel is noted to be a luxurious 5 star hotel that can be found in Bangkok, Thailand. This hotel is well known to have very spacious rooms that are furnished with quality furniture which include a high quality bed, wardrobe ,  luxurious chair ,etc and  not forgetting the fact that it also features all the necessary things that will make you have a very comfortable stay. In addition to that, the hotel also has nice and well-equipped gym center where you can go and exercise you body to always be in good health. While in the hotel, you can as well enjoy a 24 hour Wi-Fi and also feel comfortable at their luxurious and highly prepared club rooms. It also features a standard swimming pool where you can go and enjoy yourself especially during the sunny period

The most effective method to achieve the Compass Hotel in Bangkok

Luxurious Rooms to spend quality time

Compass skyview hotel in Bangkok is known to have a lot of luxurious rooms where you are assured to really have good time and a quality lodging experience. You are very much assured of rooms that are well-furnished with quality and luxurious wood furniture which ranged from nice tables, good looking and luxurious bed, clean and quality wardrobe where you can always keep your clothes. You are really assured to enjoy luxury stay in Compass Skyview Hotel Bangkok.

How to get to Compass skyview hotel

  • Reaching the Compass Skyview Hotel by Driving

There are a number of routes you can take when you are driving from the main city, Bangkok to the Compass Skyview Hotel at Sukhumvit 24 but there is a shorter route that will take you about 30 minutes to there. This route is where you can find the “Vat Trai Mat” (an ornate temple with a golden Buddha Statue. This is the shortest and fastest route due to the fact that you will not meet a heavy traffic when going from Bangkok to the hotel and it is just about 10.6 km drive.

  • Reaching the Compass skyview Hotel by train

When you want get to the Compass skyview hotel from Bangkok by train, it may take you about 28 minutes to get there. Although reaching there by train is the fastest, there has to be a point where you have to walk for some few minutes like you have to walk from Bangkok to Hua Lamphong station to get a train and then when you get to Phrom Phong BTS, then you walk for about a minute before really getting to the hotel.

The Compass Skyview Hotel is really a nice place where you can go and relax and at the same time have a look about the beautiful sight-seeing in the city. Therefore do not miss out the opportunity to really enjoy luxury stay in compass skyview hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

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