En Caul Child a rare biological phenomenon

Rare occasions in the biological world

Biological system and biological entities are all about exceptions and rare occasions. These are the occasions which, define the actual diversity of the biological system. En caul birth is very much a similar situation and it is so much rare that it occurs 1 out of 80,000 cases. En caul birth is so rare that most of the peoples never heard of this phenomena before. There are a lot of en caul superstitions present. However, all around the world this exceptional birth is considered as a very lucky phenomenon to have. This particular phenomenon occurs when a baby is born with an entire amniotic sac. It looks like a helmet that covers the head and the face region. The amniotic sac contains a pale fluid called as the amniotic fluid, in which the baby is suspended.

Types of En Caul

The word Caul came from the Latin word called as ‘Caput galeatum’ or head helmet in simple words. There are mainly two types of Caul that occurs. The first one and the most common one occurs when the caul or the amniotic membrane is attached to the head as well as in the face region, looped around the ear region of the child. Another type of caul less in occurrence is the caul that is covered from the head up to the torso of an infant. In different countries, caul has been translated into different names.

Harmful or Harmless

En caul is a rare biological phenomenon, and it looks very much unusual and frightening. However, the baby is completely harmless even in that condition also. And the amniotic membrane can be easily removed with the help of a small incision. The incision should be made in the nose region so that during the delivery the baby can breathe properly. After the incision, the remnants of the membrane can be easily removed by either gently rubbing the skin with a paper or it can be simply peeled off in a gentle way from the skin.

History and Myths with Cauls

It is that the people born with the caul have the special ability to defend themselves from fertility and also to gather courage against all sorts of an evil force and also to resist the evil. Many famous peoples are a part of this phenomenon, who achieved great things in their life. They are:

  • Napoleon
  • Charlemagne
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Lord Byron
  • Liberace

These peoples are also called as the ‘caulbearer’ having gifts of supernatural ability.


En Caul birth statistics helps us to differentiate between the “caul birth” and the “en caul birth”. In the caul birth, the whole of the body is inside the amniotic chamber floating in the amniotic liquid. The outer membrane is either intact or it is a little bit broken. And the baby inside the sac is very much unhinged. However, the en caul births are very much common as compared to that of the caul birth. During the premature birth, this en caul birth is seen generally.

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