Decorate your home garden with the aid of artificial grass

From the time they entered the market; synthetic grass surfaces have seen widespread use as an innovative means to provide a suitable surface for indoor sports arenas. From the 1970s and 1980s they have been installed at high end facilities such as professional stadia and premier colleges. Recent developments in the synthetic fibre industry and competition amongst synthetic material companies has resulted in a significant reduction in cost. As a result, the Artificial Grass carpets are increasingly gaining popularity in the mainstream market for domestic and commercial applications. But before you choose artificial grass from your backyard or lawn, here are a few things to consider.

You need a professional

For the best results artificial grasses must be installed on level and compact surfaces that have proper drainage systems. Substandard surface grading and internal drainage are bound to cause problems that could turn your investment into a nightmare. It would therefore be best to seek the services of an experienced professional.


though the cost of artificial turf has gone down significantly over the past thirty years, high quality grasses that are soft enough for children are expensive (between 5 and 20 USD per sq.ft.) and as mentioned earlier, requires professional installation (about 12.50/sq. ft.). All this adds up to an upfront cost that might be abetted too much for some home owners.


though maintenance is often overlooked by consumers as artificial grass is marketed as requiring little or no maintenance at all, static electricity, especially when the surface is still new  can cause infill media such as granulated rubber to stick to the pile fibres. This results in a temporary loss of colour at the surface and looks unpleasant. Maintenance is a necessary aspect of owning an Artificial Grass because foot traffic causes pile fibres that protrude from the infill media to matt down and lose colour. To deal with this problem, it may be necessary to stray the carpet with a dilute fabric softener. Over time foot traffic can also cause compacting resulting in a harder surface. The artificial turf therefore requires frequent grooming to keep the tufts of grass upright. The lawn should typically be brushed once a week to using either apoweredrotating drum with bristles or a pull behind tennis court broom. This forces the pile fibres to stand upright.

Some fields in the United States are brushed with non-powered pull behind appliances because electric units are believed to cause additional wear. Other artificial turf owners advise that the fields should only be brushed when the surface is wet to ensure minimum friction between the broom and the pile fiber


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