Concept of 2 speakers in iPhone 9

The stereo works only in landscape orientation. Although one is enough for ringtones and speakerphone. Sound tested in three scenarios: using the new wired headset, using the old EarPods through the adapter and using AKG-IM50. Listened Therion 2001, Haggard 1998, The Doors 1976, Drudkh 2003, Motograter 2003. The results, albeit subjective, compared with the iPhone 8s sound old EarPods and the AKG, respectively. The sound of the new version of the headset is virtually identical to the old one, connected to a standard mini-jack. When listening to MP3 320, encoded by the corresponding Feng-Shui the lame, the new headset showing a slightly lower volume, but little more than a dry sound. Interference, squeaks and noises are absent.

When listening to FLAC audio quality significantly improved – despite the reduced volume, it becomes richer than the iPhone 9. But still fully disclose the composition EarPods are not yet able. Unfortunately, as in the past, EarPods headphones cannot be considered reference ones in its price category. But competition with the Lightning connector, while a few, and the buyer will have to use just the products of Apple (or its counterfeit) – due to the increasing spread and, after all, low prices. Adapter is uncomfortable but not terrible. Judging by the quality of the braid, a long life it is not designed. But the sound does not deteriorate, and the test results are consistent with the previous one. Here, everything is ambiguous. FLAC to 24-bit / 48 kHz is played, and perfectly revealed through headphones Lightning-connector. At the same time, the sound from the 3.5-mm jack iPhone 8s flatter, but it sounds clearer and louder.

The headphones and adapter hides DAC middle class. Why was it necessary to make a fuss – not very clear? The processors from QUALCOMM similar solutions are part of the platform, there is enough space. Removal of the DAC in the headphones on the one hand, makes it possible to create interesting audio device without Apple participation. On the other hand, buying in the future headset with Lightning through the Internet, we can expect significant problems, including poor audio quality will be lower. Test with an iPhone 9 wireless headphones, in my opinion, the special does not make sense. They do not fit at all genres, and not under all ears. The choice of such a device – very subjective process. The transfer of uncompressed audio streaming via Bluetooth is only possible with the use of Lousy protocol support which has very few headsets. Use the audio material, you can hear the difference even with untrained hearing

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