Bob Simonds looking to make great movies with STX Entertainment

Bob Simonds, the founder of media studio STX Entertainment, has always been somewhat of a genius filmmaker and producer. In an industry where your latest hit may only keep you in the business for only mere months, he has been able to time and again produce hits that have been very well received by the audience. Achieving such a success can be stated as a feat in itself, a landmark achievement which has helped him to churn out one hit after another over the last 25 years. It is therefore no wonder that everyone took notice when he decided to come up with his very own studio STX Entertainment back in 2014.

The goal of launching STX Entertainment was to fill in the void that has been recently created in the film industry because of the massive popularity of the superhero film genre. Over the last few years, Hollywood has had some of the most widely popular superhero films of all time. While superhero films were also being made in the past, they truly emerged as a distinct genre in the recent years. These movies feature numerous special effects and breathtaking action sequences which are loved by audiences all over the world. However, the downside to the popularity of superhero films is that they are often somewhat limited in their creative capacities which is why Bob Simonds is currently focusing on coming up with movies that offer great entertainment while creating good content for the mature audience.

STX Entertainment is meant as a necessary step towards that direction that has been envisioned by Bob Simonds. For quite some time, Bob Simonds was contemplating the idea of creating movies with mature content that can appeal to a wider base of audience all over the globe. While superhero movies are quite entertaining in their own right, they are somewhat limited when it comes to exploring new avenues in terms of writing and storytelling. Moreover these movies often feature large budgets that go as high as $200 to $300 million. It is due to this reason that Bob Simonds came up with the idea of creating mid budget movies that can have a greater impact in the minds of the audience without spending a fortune in that process.

Such a distinct approach to filmmaking has already been praised by many of the industry insiders as some of the producers and directors of the industry also think in the same lines as him. In fact, many of the industry reporters have also applauded him for his bold move and they are also certain that his approach is certainly going to bring him the desired profits that he is looking for. Can Bob Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood? This is the question that is currently being asked by most people in this industry. While it is too soon to comment on that effect, experts believe that Bob Simonds is surely to create some great movies in the coming years that can help him to create a memorable legacy.

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