A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Shampoo

You want to look beautiful because it exudes self-confidence. When you are confident, it is as if you can take on the world. Thankfully, there are many products that you can consider to look beautiful – you just need to identify which is best for you. These products are generally known as personal care.

Personal care refers to items that improve personal hygiene and enhance appearance. It includes products like colognes, deodorants, makeup, facial cleanser, hand soap, talcum powder, shampoos and many more. If in this case, you want to focus on your “crowning glory”, you need to be aware of your shampoo choices to enhance its look and feel.

Shopping for shampoo is a bit challenging because you will see a plethora of products. If you check each label, you won’t have enough time. You have to know that regardless of the ingredients, shampoos are basically cleansing agents with thickeners and preservatives. With this, you need to identify a suitable shampoo for your hair. Here are some tips on choosing the right shampoo for you:

For normal hair

Normal hair refers to hair with the right balance of dryness and oiliness. It isn’t too frizzy or fine. If this is your hair type, you need an equal amount of conditioning and detergents. You need to look for a bit because you won’t find “normal” shampoos easily these days.

For oily hair

Oily hair refers to excess sebum. Aside from sebum, oily hair is also a result of styling products that leave a greasy residue. With this, you need a clarifying formula to remove the gunk on the scalp and hair. You should look for shampoos with shorter ingredients list because you do not want to deposit anything on your hair.

For fine hair

Fine hair refers to skinny strands. If you have this hair type, your goal here is to make it bulkier with the help of shampoos having film-formers like PG-propyl silanetriol. This ingredient will increase the hair shaft diameter.

For curly hair

If you have curly hair, your main goal here is to tame it. To do this, you need conditioning agents. The conditioning will enhance smoothness and moisture. You have to look for cleansing conditioners with mild surfactants.

For dry hair

If your hair makes less sebum, it is considered dry. For this, you need a shampoo with a moisturising formula. To make the hair look healthier, you need shampoos with ingredients like dimethicone and cyclomethicone.

For damaged hair

If your hair is damaged because of the chemical processes, you also need a shampoo with a moisturising formula. This is to hydrate the strands affected by chemical processes. The best thing to do is to deposit ingredients that will make the hair suppler. You need shampoos with ingredients like dimethicone and cyclomethicone to enhance shine and softness of the hair.

You have to know that shampoos have this SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). SLS reduces the surface tension between the ingredients of shampoo. This ingredient is also found in household cleaners. The fact that SLS can be found in household cleaners and personal care products is a concern for many. If you are worried, you can always look for a shampoo without sodium laureth sulphate.

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