4 popular shopping spots of Delhi

Delhi for ages has been one of the most important cities as well as the political capital of the country for several hundreds of years. It also has been among the significant trading centres of Northern India during medieval period. Several modern localities in this city are said to have been named from antique trading locations.

Besides trading towns, the city also boasts of having shopping hubs, malls, markets and complexes that are scattered across the city, with people from every walk of life coming here to buy their favourite items at affordable rates.

List of top shopping destinations to visit when in Delhi

One can stay at the top Delhi airport hotel and hire cabs or avail other travel modes to visit the different shopping areas of the city to enjoy shopping. The below mentioned 4 shopping places are quite popular with both tourists and locals alike.

  • Dilli Haat: This is the place where one can check out the popular Indian heritage. It is regarded to be an open food plaza and air craft bazaar. It is also considered to be the brainchild of DTTDC (Delhi Tourism & Transport Development Corp.), featuring cultural activities and handloom stalls, food stalls offering foods from almost every state, etc. Local delicacies popular in different regions of the country can be availed here. Once within the complex, the tourist can find shebang of rosewood and sandalwood carvings, gems, camel hide footwear, exotic fabrics, drapery and wool fabrics. It can be stated to be a real treasure of Indian culture.
  • Khari Baoli: This shopping place is located in Delhi’s old quarters and offers a rich range of aroma, taste and colour, much to the satisfaction of the visitors. It is rather considered Asia’s largest wholesale spice market. One can find variety of items at reasonable prices and also get hold of some of the exotic spices sold in entire Asia. Besides this, it is possible to get nuts, herbs, tea leaves, rice and much more. It is located close to Red Fort.
  • Palika Bazaar: This area is located at the same location much like the Janpath Market. It is rather a centrally air-conditioned underground market, right beneath Connaught Place’ inner circle. It boasts of having more than hundreds of shops with each offering the visitors with plenty of items to choose from. One can shop here for clothing and electronics.
  • Janpath: This shopping area is located just opposite to the popular Connaught Place. It boasts of having fixed shops and local stalls. It was known until the 90s and is an old marketplace. Here, one can shop for the latest fashion apparels and accessories for both women and men. Low budget items can be purchased here without having to compromise on the quality aspect. Also are sold ethnic dresses, artificial jewellery, regular clothing, silver jewellery, Rajasthani paintings, leather footwear, carpets, decorative items and furniture, etc.

Doing some research and planning the trip properly in advance will help the tourist to make the most in this beautiful city.

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